Responding to Fascist Complicity in 2004

I was looking for bumper stickers that read "Defend the Constitution" and "Denounce Fascism" when I came across this site:

I am posting a portion of this page more or less in its entirety (editing and emphasis mine):

The Sieg Heil! Script

The Sieg Heil! script is more common with young males. For reasons unclear, this script always seems to involve young males between 18 and 29 years old with crew cuts.

The Sieg Heil! script ALWAYS starts the same way. The robot approaches you, puffs out his chest, looks down, and states: "You don't like George Bush! Why don't you like George Bush?" This script can take two turns. Which turn it takes is largely your choice. I prefer the suggestion branch (b) below. However, let's start with branch (a), which is best to avoid.

Branch (A) of the Sieg Heil! Script

You decide to answer the robot's question. This is a mistake, but you may wish to try it out a few times just to see. If you answer the question, "Why don't you like George Bush?" with an actual answer, the robot may get violent. Most robots executing the Sieg Heil! script are morons. They have absolutely no idea about what is happening in the world. They are authoritarians. They believe whatever Fox News has told them and had they been alive during WWII, living in Germany, they would have believed that the Jews were being resettled in Madagascar. You will make absolutely no progress explaining the truth of the world to these individuals. They are lost souls, useful idiots of the Bush Regime.

Branch (B) of the Sieg Heil! Script

In this branch of the script, you turn the burden over to the robot. Robots, by nature, are very limited. They have not been programmed to explain why they support Bush. They have only one answer to the question and that answer is obviously inadequate (even to themselves). This is what you do:

State, in a friendly tone, smile on your face, "well, my friend, since it is important to you that I like President Bush, please explain to me why I should like President Bush."

They don't expect you to ask this. However, they have no choice but to answer it. After all, they are asking you to like George Bush. Such a request must have a positive reason to like him behind it, right?

The robot will immediately state: "He's our President." The robot will also know that this is a poor answer.

Respond to this statement by informing the robot that Hitler was the leader of the Germans and those that remained loyal to him assisted their country in marching to self destruction, an act that was neither patriotic nor beneficial to the German people. Liking someone merely because he or she is in a position of power is beneath your dignity. In order to be liked or respected, an individual must earn that esteem. Ask again, "What has George Bush done to earn my esteem?"

At this point the robot will either self destruct or will attempt a silly answer. For example, the robot may respond that "George Bush is fighting for our freedom." To this, ask the robot if he or she knows what Bush was doing during the Vietnam War, explaining that he avoided service in the war and then went AWOL. Ask the robot exactly what freedom was endangered and how George Bush saved it. No one can provide an honest answer to that question by answering in the positive.

If the robot states that George Bush gives you the right to do what you are doing, laugh and reply that no one gives you your rights. They exist by nature and governments merely recognize them. Point out that if George Bush could stop you, he would. After all, George Bush, during his campaign, in response to a website that exposed his cocaine use, stated that "there should be limits to freedom."

If the robot states that you would not be permitted to do what you are doing in Baghdad, agree with him and point out that, yes, and under US occupation you would still not be able to do this. He will then rephrase and state that Saddam would not have let you do what you are doing. To this, ask whether he believes that one should express their liberty by shutting up? What use is a right if you do not exercise it? Point out that it Saddam's authority is irrelevant to the nature of rights, and therefore such a question is merely an attempt to distract from the issue. The issue is that Bush is a warmonger and an opponent of liberty and he must go.