Michael Moore Energizes Crowd at SFSU
"These people [the Bush administration] are serial liars, and it is incredible that they have gotten away with it for so long. Once people find out the truth, they will respond."

"The American public, when you say that word, the first image that should come into your head should not be one that looks like me. It should look like Oprah."

"You live in a liberal country and we need to start saying it and believing it because it's the truth. The only reason it doesn't look like that is because the liberal leaders have done anything but lead. All they've done is follow or try to be like Republicans."

"If someone who [like Gen. Wesley Clark] voted for Reagan now says, 'I'm joining your team, I don't believe in that anymore,' we have to open up our arms. This is why people don't like the left. This is why people don't like liberals. … That's why nobody wants to join [the Democratic Party]. We're so on our high horse."