From The Onion ...

Schwarzenegger Running Out Of Movie-Related Campaign Slogans

LOS ANGELES—Two months after he announced his candidacy for the California gubernatorial recall election, Arnold Schwarzenegger is running out of movie-related campaign quips. "Government and special-interest groups should not be 'Twins,'" the actor said during the Sept. 24 debate. At a fundraising breakfast Monday, the actor told a confused group of business leaders, "I will 'Jingle All The Way' to Sacramento!" Breakfast attendee Ken Straus said Schwarzenegger "really hit the bottom of the barrel" minutes later, when the actor announced, "In the movies, I played Hercules going bananas. But it's the tax-and-spend Democrats who are really going bananas."

(No more need to fear Davis and Bustamante suing Enron, like the Red Heat communistst they are. Didn't he also say he would Terminate the Twins in a Total Recall as a GOP Predator who was their Running Man, sick of True Lies? This, coming from a guy who played a pregnant man in a movie. Way to steal an election and bring a Raw Deal, Junior!)