Couldn't have said it better myself -

From an Ecotecture, email:

"Huffington has done the right thing-back out of the election so those who might vote for her will vote against the recall instead, and, in case the recall succeeds, will likely vote for Democratic Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante who actually has a chance to win should Davis be replaced.

But, once again, the Green Party is holding fast to its "principles," and Peter Camejo, it's candidate for governor, has vowed to fight to the finish. To what avail? So the party can have a little grave marker saying, "we did it our way?"

While there is still time, Camejo should follow in Huffington's footsteps. If he fails to do so, the Green voters themselves should opt for avoiding disaster over "expressing their conscience." There is simply too much at stake. "

Now, Camejo did *NOT* pull out of the race. Neither did Nader. Nader helped Bush get elected, certainly. Ralph vowed not to campaign in battleground states, then proceeded to do so once he was on the ballot.

Nader broke his own campaign pledge. He became a lying politician.

The environment has suffered due to his false pride. Bush has all but declared war on the planet, offering tax breaks for big SUV's, reducing strip-mining limitations which had helped limit toxic runoff into drinking water, and defying any attempt to get the Kyoto treaty going.

His own conservative EPA head, Christine Todd Whitman (who had once paid Afr.Am. preachers in NJ to tell their flocks to not vote - yeah democracy), resigned in disgust.

If Nader pulled out or was not on the ballot in New Hampshire (forget Florida - that one was fixed), Gore would have won.

I give my first honorary John Brown Award For Excellence in the Field of Defending Righteousness to the guy who hit Nader with a pie a little while back.

Too bad there wasn't a turd in the bottom of it.

PS I am a former Green Party member