Thank God for the Republicans!
Part 1 in a series

I've been saying it for weeks now: no group is doing more damage to the Bush administration right now than themselves and old school Republicans.

The Democrats have been given ample opportunity to call Bush to task, but they've lacked the courage to do much more than whine and moan. Defacto Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry has been strangely quiet lately, letting Karl Rove define the terms of the debate, barely defending himself against the GOP's spurious attacks on his combat service record. (Arianna Huffington and others have called on Kerry to "go big, ask more from us, and power his campaign on the politics of hope and progress." If you agree, sign the petition.)

While the Democrats work on figuring out ways to lose in November, thanks should go out to stand-up Republicans like Paul O'Neill, Richard Clarke, John Dean, Joseph Wilson, Bob Woodward, Patrick Buchanan, John McCain .... Thanks to Republicans like these, each day we're learning more about Bush's lies and deceptions that led us into Iraq, and the damage he is doing to democracy at home and abroad.

Tell your Republican friends and family. They may listen to you, but they're much more likely to listen to members of their own party.