Thank God for the Republicans!
Part 2 in a series

This story didn't get much local coverage, and none that I know of on the national level, but I think it's significant and speaks for itself:
Kerry gets help from rival party in Marin

$80,000 raised at Tiburon event

By Richard Halstead, IJ reporter

A group of Marin Republicans turned off by President Bush's performance joined with Democratic supporters of John Kerry at a rally in Tiburon last night, which raised more than $80,000 for Kerry's campaign.

"You understand that the ultimate test of freedom is the removal of an incumbent who is not doing the job that ought to be done," Allan Littman, one of the rally's Republican organizers, told the more than 200 people, who attended the rally at the Tiburon Peninsula Club.

Littman, a former Tiburon councilman, is one of four Republicans on the 10-member steering committee of the newly founded Tiburon Peninsula Bipartisan Committee for John Kerry. Each steering committee member donated $2,000 to the Kerry campaign last night.
In other news, John McCain demonstrated that not all Republicans support Bush's cynical and deceptive tax cuts during a time of war.
"From pork-barrel spending to expanding entitlements to tax cuts for the wealthiest citizens, both parties have proven who they are working for and it's not the American taxpayer. My friends, we are at war. Throughout our history, wartime has been a time of sacrifice."

"I fondly remember a time when real Republicans stood for fiscal responsibility. Apparently, those days are long gone for some in our party."
House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., responded by impugning McCain's patriotism. "If you want to see sacrifice, John McCain ought to visit our young men and women at Walter Reed and Bethesda. There's the sacrifice in this country." A Republican chickenhawk attacking a decorated veteran's patriotism reminded me of the attacks leveled against Max Cleland in 2002.