Bush Plan to Deny Overtime Pay for Military

You'll find that most military veterans feel a certain loyalty to the US and the uniform they wore. They appreciate the opportunity that the military gave them, while they also depend on the government fulfilling its obligations to offer them the benefits that they were promised.

George Bush certainly doesn't act like someone who served honorably, and the recent attention on his dubious record explains why. In addition to cynically using the military to fight a war over oil, Bush has also denied pay raises to the military, cut benefits for servicemen in favor of tax cuts for the rich, and aided and abetted Halliburton's rise to become the Army's American Express Card. (They don't leave home without it.) The latest slap to the military comes in Bush's "Fair Labor Standards Act" which is under review.
"“Under the Bush proposal, if an employer determines that the training veterans have received in the military is equivalent to a four-year professional degree, that employer will now be allowed to deny those veterans overtime eligibility and refuse to pay them anything for overtime work."
This is not America. You can get involved and make your voice heard here.