What if you held an election and nobody came?

Of better still - what if you had an election for President of the United States and only had one person listed?

Kerry's role is not to win. His role is to make sure no one else gets the Democratic nomination.

Skull & Bones: The Secret Society That Unites John Kerry and President Bush
The sole purpose of the Skull and Bones Order is to perpetuate power. To maintain and increase this power, politically ambitious Bonesmen strive to put fellow Bonesmen in key positions of influence, to help build the New World organization that is their primary goal.
Oh, they'll put on a good show. Cheney will be replaced on the Republican ticket for effect (and they'll send all the smelly garbage out with him). But Kerry isn't supposed to do well. He's supposed to prevent anyone else from doing well. Even now Dean and Edwards are facing pressure to concede the nomination. Pay attention to this, though - notice whether or not Kerry gives up his Senate seat during the campaign.