Bush is Evil - And Other Observations I've Made

George W. Bush is the worst president in the history of the United States. The fact that we even have to worry about his getting elected in 2004 is an indication of the lack of awareness of much of the population. It still surprises me to learn that there are still people who don't know the first thing about the treachery of this man.

One of my favorite "information hunts" starts with a portion of his military record. I share this with you so that you, too, may enjoy the enlightenment of others. However, I will caution you to avoid being overzealous. Like Morpheus explaining the matrix to Neo, you can cause people to freak out.

Step 1 - A cast of characters
* Memorize this web site: http://www.freedomrox.org/susp.jpg. Memorize it, because there's not really a good way to find it otherwise.
* Find the name in paragraph 6. Observe the circumstances in reference. (And, in fact, the inference of Bush's drug use while in the military is NOT the subject of our search here).
* Find the name in paragraph 7. Note the similarities. Remember the name. Write it down, if necessary.

Step 2 - Plot some points
* Do a google search for ["James Bath" Bush Harken]. (Harken is the energy company whose stock Bush dumped while on the board of directors and the audit committee, prompting two investigations by the SEC for insider trading. But this is NOT the subject of our search today)
* Look at a couple of the pages returned by google. This one is typical. This one is easier to read , but there are a couple of errors in it, which diminish its validity.
* Find the names you were looking for. Yes, you will come across several eyebrow raisers, but you're still looking for "Bath".

Step 3 - Let the seeds grow
* You will have seen documentation of suspension of Bush's flight status, and traced the events following it through associated individuals. There are many tangents you can take from here. I'll post more "bunny trails" later.
* Avoid the temptation to make judgements or even to interpret this information for your listener. Remember, people think Bush is a good man. You will be helping them see evidence that is very contrary to that notion. If you push too hard, they will end up rejecting the whole package ("breathe, Neo, just breathe"). Let them find the pages. Let them answer the questions. Let them stumble across the associations. Avoid drawing any conclusions for them. Reply simply that this is information that you thought was interesting and that you wanted to share. That's all - just something you might not have known.
* Don't overwater the seeds. They need time to germinate. Later, you will be able to tend to this garden sprouting from the fertile fields of minds filled with ... fertile stuff.