They say that all politics is local. For the next month I'll be putting much of my energy into local politics, specifically the Matt Gonzalez mayoral campaign. Matt Gonzalez will face Gavin Newsom in a December 9 runoff. Gonzalez is a Green Party candidate who represents what the Democratic Party used to stand for: labor, the environment, local business. Gavin Newsom is one of those Democrats who talks about helping out the little guy while making backroom deals with his well-financed benefactors. He is sure to continue Willie's legacy of the mayor's office as patronage. If Newsom is a rising star in the Democratic Party, as many think he is, then the Green Party offers the only true alternative to government for sale.

I'll be posting on a regular basis to Matt Gonzalez for San Francisco, while motivating my friends and colleagues to get involved and help make history on December 9th.