Down With Vatican Drag

The Vatican’s recent desperate attempts to legitimize its existence by defining what is "high moral ground,” while being sued all over the planet for raping young children, just shows the irrelevance of the Vatican, whose pussy-men continue to dress in drag in this new millennium.

These twelve pages of drivel issued from the Vatican denouncing same-sex marriages, so filled with nonsense, only reveals these old, tired ladies’ lack of knowledge of nature, or God for that matter.

How arrogant and silly to claim to know God’s plan. Isn’t God supposed to be greater than us? How are we to know God’s plan? Did God tell the old ladies to wrestle naked with those eight-year-old alter boys? Well, then, keep your perverse God to yourself.

It’s time the old ladies disrobe and do some real work. But first, they must step down from that high moral ground before it caves in from lack of moral substance to hold it together.