Ignoranus: (n) A person who's both stupid and an asshole
Example: John Poindexter

You remember Poindexter, the "brains" behind the scheme to illegally sell weapons to Iran (to help them fight their war against Iraq, while Donald Rumsfeld legally supplied Hussein with weapons) and give the proceeds to the Contras in Nicaragua.

He read a book called 1984 by George Orwell and decided to play the role of Big Brother so he could invade your right to privacy - for your own good, of course.

He's making news again with a new reality series called the "Policy Analysis Market", where contestants place bets on - not current events, but future events like terrorist strikes and assassinations and stuff.

"You may think early on that Prime Minister X is going to be assassinated. So you buy the futures contracts for 5 cents each. As more people begin to think the person's going to be assassinated, the cost of the contract could go up, to 50 cents. The payoff if he's assassinated is $1 per future. So if it comes to pass, and those who bought at 5 cents make 95 cents. Those who bought at 50 cents make 50 cents."

Apparently, this new game caught some attention because the administration couldn't figure out how to fix it so they would win every bet. Traders are anonymous, and terrorist groups might either place bets on their own plans, or place false bets as diversionary tactic.

Hey, it worked in Nigeria.