Watching war coverage with a friend

The US has shot down a RAF aircraft. people are just waking up in London, getting the paper, boiling water for a pot of tea and turning on the telly. Big demonstrations in NYC yesterday. Bigger demonstrations soon to come in the UK.

It appears that 2 Tomahawk missiles fell on Iran. Each Tomahawk missile costs abut $600,000, so that's an expensive fuck-up. We launched 50 yesterday, so we know what we're spending on missiles. How much does it cost to run a war with 300,000 troops in a desert thousands of miles from NYC? Try $80 billion for starters.

There have been casualties each day, and we're now into the fourth day of invasion. No telling how many Iraqis have died, but we're getting news of 22 dead or missing Americans, dead British, and dead Australians. If the Canadians had joined us, as they did in the First Gulf War, they would be dying now, too.

A US soldier may have lost it, and lobbed three grenades on the commander's tent of the 101st Airborne. Some news sources were quick to say that he was an Arab-American. No confirmation of this. Truth is always the first casualty ...

Since when does the world's 4th largest Army use pink Japanese pick-ups with "NYPD" bumper stickers as mobile assault vehicles?

At a cocktail party tonight, someone told the following joke:

"These are strange times. The biggest rapper is white. The best golfer is black. The French are telling the US that we're arrogant. And the Germans have refused to go to war."