The war at home

While the military war rages on in Iraq and Afghanistan, the ideological war against democracy, truth and justice heats up here in the US.

§ Henry Norr, a technology reporter and columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle was suspended, without pay, for getting arrested last week in war protests. The suspension came down under the pretext that Norr falsified his timecard.

§ They have generally dealt with war protesters in a professional and commendable manner, but last week the San Francisco Police arrested two Bay Guardian reporters who were covering local protests. Isn't the press covered by the First Amendment?

§ Former Pentagon official Richard Perle has resigned as a key adviser to Donald Rumsfeld. I suppose this in some way makes up for Vice President Dick Cheney's conflicts of interest as former CEO of Halliburton?

§ A second worker died of a heart attack after receiving a smallpox vaccination.

And finally, I have been labeled an "extremist" by a family member. I admit that I may be "completely out of step with the American public," but I'm still optimistic that the truth will get out, eventually, as long as I'm not imprisoned for exercising my rights under the Constitution.