Why activists annoy me

Let me preface my comments by stating that I voted for Gore in the last presidential election. I believe this is where we protest, at the polls. I believe Gore would not have precipitated the current war with Iraq.

How many anti-war activists voted for Nader in the last election? How many didn't vote at all? Let's be reasonable at times and not so idealistic. We live, after all, in the real world and I think its better to view a vote as currency that should be spent WISELY. There is a saying in sports that you have to play good enough to beat the referees as well as your adversaries. We all knew the race would be close, yet still there are some among us who wasted votes on a hopeless cause, perhaps expecting, erroneously, that the Democrats would reclaim the Executive branch. But the Republicans cheated in Florida and now we have a war.

But we probably shouldn't sing the praises of the current Iraqi regime too strongly. Why didn't these protestors that believe so strongly in their idealism go to Iraq and attempt to begin a movement to bring democratic elections to the Iraqi people (it was done in the south in the '60s). I'll tell you why, they would be tortured and then shot. (They usually don't do it the other way 'round.) Political dissent is not tolerated in Iraq as it is in nations with a democracy. Hell, when I don't like a candidate, I vote for the other guy. Hey Bush, how 'bout them apples? I'm sure Bush is alright with that. You can't say such a thing in Iraq, though. It would be suicide. It is much easier to scream and yell in front of an embassy or a McDonald's in your homeland where you can get on TV and be more popular with your activist friends. If you really want to stop the war, go to Iraq and stand in front of a coalition tank. Of course, you will probably be taken in as a POW. Try that with an Iraqi tank. You'll be buzzard food. There is a difference and all of the screaming and yelling in the world can't change that.