Forgive my cynicism about your doubts

As I recall, the infamous 16 words in Bush's 2003 SOTUA, providing the most substantial basis of justification for invading Iraq, were based on planted forged documents supposedly written on letterhead from the Niger embassy in Rome. Forge the evidence, plant it, discover it, reveal it, and then use it as rationale for what you were planning to do all along. True patriots don't ask questions.

Now we have a British institution whose email system was recently hacked, supposedly thereby revealing political bias in the scientific community against critics or criticism of climate change research. So, that suddenly means Al Gore was Cassandra and Inhofe was a friggin' oracle?

Please indulge a personal anecdote. In 2002, I did a week-long training exercise with a certain high-testosterone Army unit at Fort Hood. My group was providing IO (Information Operations) support, primarily serving as coordination for the efforts of other groups which previously tended to conflict with one another (in other words, this was before IO went offensive). One member of our group was a young energetic Capt. Smith from Arizona, who was serving as our Intel liaison officer. Capt. Smith was running back and forth between the secure Intel space and the other part of the training facility where the rest of us were. He had brought a laptop with him, but had the mistake of taking it into the secured Intel space, which meant he couldn't take it back out. I was able to lend him one of the extra laptops we had, and he used that to communicate via email.

Since I was bored, and since we had extra laptops, and since I had my little "security" toolbox handy, I "searched" the user accounts database for an account that had been created but never used. Knowing the default password for new accounts, I was able to "acquire" and use this "extra" account for some "extracurricular activity". It just so happened that the account I thus obtained had been created for an Intel officer. When I accessed the email Inbox for this account, I found a bunch of messages from our Capt. Smith. He had been emailing the Intel group trying to get the information he needed, but they had never answered him. Since I was bored, and since I had gone to the trouble of accessing an account that noone else had thought to use, I decided to start replying to Capt. Smith's messages. For two days, I had this guy running back and forth between the secured Intel space and the non-secured area where the laptop was. He was sitting right next to me sending messages to this account that I would turn around and answer.

After a while, I just started totally jerking his chain in the messages and eventually told him the truth. By then he was so fried he didn't care anymore.

An email system in England gets hacked, so that means that everything we know about climate change has to be thrown out? Just like when the British Government learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa, so we had to invade Iraq. Well, if the British Government says it, it must be right...