"Sleaziest Four Days in Modern American Political History"

So said Keith Olbermann, and who would disagree?
Taken together what could well be the sleaziest four days in modern American political history -- four days in which it is easy to see where Senator McCain or Governor Palin might have induced in an embittered or unintelligent individual, the premise that Senator Obama either associates with terrorists or might be even one himself.

Domestic terrorist? Was Bill Ayers, 40 years ago, a domestic terrorist or a radical activist? While the mainstream media has decided he was the former, he appears to be neither now.

Is it justified for the McCain campaign to link Obama to Ayers? Would it be any less justified for the Obama campaign to link McCain to Charles Keating or G. Gordon Liddy?

In unrelated news, McCain recently referred to his audience as "my fellow prisoners." Prisoners? Are we all experiencing Stockholm Syndrome now?