Colbert Dares Dems To Impeach Bush

I haven't watched the Colbert Report in weeks, but this bit from Wednesday's show echoes what I wrote yesterday. (Although I wasn't very funny, was I?)

Watch Colbert's video for yourself -- the transcript doesn't do him justice.
If you guys really want to fight, then why don’t you buckle on your balls like men and impeach the President! I mean, uh, [laughter, applause] … yeah, hey, listen to that. I mean the Republicans impeached Bill Clinton. Don’t you want to get back at them for that? [laughter] I mean, wouldn’t that feel good? [laughter]

You could make President Bush just as unpopular as President Clinton was. Go ahead, impeach him. Impeach him twice. [laughter] After all, the President has been baiting you guys for six years … WMDs, Iraq, Katrina, Valerie Plame, signing statements, torture, wiretaps, secret prisons, US attorneys. [laughter]

I think what the President is saying is if you don’t impeach him now, you guys are a bunch of pussies. [laughter] Well are ya? Are you a bunch of pussies?
On a related note, since I posted three months ago that the Impeach Bush meme was picking up steam in the media, the number of hits on Google News has nearly doubled, from 689 to 1298. Now that Colbert is on the bandwagon, watch this number get even larger.