"Boys Like To See Things Go Bang."

Believe it or not, that's what former Oklahoma City Mayor Kirk Humphreys had to say about the 24 year-old "boy" who was caught recently trying to board a flight at Will Rogers World Airport with an explostive device.
"He had a little explosive device, and boys like to see things go bang. He took it down to an outing at the lake, left it in his bag, forgot it and went to the airport."

The device was described in an FBI affidavit as a carbon dioxide cartridge filled with gunpowder that could be detonated when connected to a power source such as the batteries Dreyling had in his electric razor and in his cell phone, which were also in his carryon bag.
See that's the difference between red and blue states. In blue states, pyromania is considered borderline behavior, and certainly inappropriate for a man in his 20s, who should at least know better than to carry a pipe bomb on to a plane. In Oklahoma, apparently it's just another privilege of youth.