Network TV Continues Downward Spiral Into Obsolescence


When NBC and CBS are outshined by Fox on being tolerant, the final death knell is ringing...
A new national television commercial promoting the United Church of Christ says that "Jesus didn't turn people away," but two major networks have turned away the ad itself, saying it violates their policy of airing commercials on hot button topics -- such as tolerance toward gays and lesbians.

CBS and NBC rejected the 30-second ad, which depicts a pair of stern bouncers barring people of various ethnic types as well as a female -- perhaps lesbian -- couple from entering a fictitious church.

The networks' rejection of the ad has spawned fresh controversy about religion and the media in the politically charged marketplace of moral values and ideas.

The ad, which will run on the Fox Network and various cable channels through Dec. 26, arrives at a time of heightened sensitivity to religion's societal role in everything from gay marriage to abortion.
I wonder why the networks get pummeled by cable. Oh, Fox is a basic channel. It's official - they lose to everybody.