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Prominent among the political axioms apparent since the presidential campaign of 2000 is that no one plays the smear game as brilliantly and effectively as Karl Rove, aka Bush's brain, aka the White House's chief political adviser, aka The Man Behind the Curtain.
More pointedly, no one knows the exact limits of what you can get away with in modern politics, or precisely where the demarcation point of public outrage lies better than Karl Rove.

Next week, the Republican Party's ground game will be out in full force. Karl Rove will unveil his "72-hour plan" to knock on the door of every last uncommitted voter in America leading up to the election.  This will coincide with Sinclair broadcasting of its smearfest on Kerry.
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Blueprint for a coup
NPR's "The World" did an interesting segment about the US role in the revolution in Iran. One section in particular caught my attention, and you'll see how this fits into this topic in a minute.
Kermit Roosevelt organized the overthrow of the government of Iran. He was truly a real life James Bond. Roosevelt started by tapping into the intelligence networks the British and Americans had built up inside Iran. A few key Iranians proved willing to do his bidding. They unleashed a ferocious propaganda campaign against Mossadegh. They bribed newspapers to print slander; they paid clerics to denounce him at Friday prayers. They hired thugs to organize mobs and riots....
In the end the coup came down to four dramatic days in August 1953....He [Roosevelt] would have them surge through the streets of Tehran, break windows, beat up people, shoot their guns into mosques and shout "we love Mossadegh. Up with Mossadegh and communism". And as if that wasn't enough he then hired another mob to attack this mob to show that Tehran was in such chaos that anarchy was threatening and that just to bring Iran back to a measure of stability, Mossadegh had to be overthrown.

Call It a Dress Rehearsal
In March of this year, an odd event occurred. Not "odd" in the sarcastic way (like we didn't see it coming), but "odd" like "what the _??" A bunch of activists protested on Rove's front lawn. Hundreds rallied Sunday outside the home of Karl Rove for no apparent reason

So, get inside the mind of Rove for a minute (oooh, watch you step there). It's the final weekend before your most important campaign ever. You have 3 days to turn the tide and crush your opponent in an audacious turnaround. Short of commissioning another terrorist attack, a way cool bin Laden capture, or a sudden dramatic drop in oil prices, you really have no good cards in your hand to play. There are only a few states that you have to win in to take the match, but there really aren't that many undecided voters left to fight over. Your troops are not terribly enthused; the months of mental gymnastics required to withstand the onslaught of evidence contrary to the beliefs they're trying to defend has taken its toll. The arguments are starting to wear thin, and they're of course, too proud to admit they may have been wrong all along, but they're not real proud of the lies anymore, either. And everyone else is already ready for most of your other tricks. What to do, what to do?

Day 1 - Saturday - Get the loyal minions out to "rally the troops". GOTV and all that nonsense. Not like it matters, but that's not the point. Just wait.

Day 2 - Sunday - The evil enemy suddenly appears to terrorize the helpless law-abidingish Republicans who were simply trying to promote democracy (**snicker**) by helping people to vote. And look how we get treated!!! Victimized and brutalized by evil violent America-hating liberals!

Day 3 - Monday - We have to answer these vicious attacks! We're only defending ourselves! Alert the media to be on the lookout for any dirty evil liberal. They're out to get us!

Of course, the forces will be out on the fateful Tuesday. 
Big G.O.P. Bid to Challenge Voters at Polls in Key State

So think about it. If the Republicans send in thousands of poll watchers to challenge voters' eligibility, they're obviously setting themselves up for accusations of voter intimidation and racism. They would look like the bad guys. [I was actually going to recommend that we systematically challenge the right and authority of the challengers to be there challenging others. Make THEM show their IDs and permits. Inform voters of their rights to tell these bullies to fuck off.] But after a weekend of "vigorous" enforcement of "the law", such dissent and defiance would make liberals look like the bullies.

Oh, now I get it.