Isn't this exciting?!
Like watching WWF, live and in person

Yeah, it looks like it could be another close one after all. Kerry's up in the polls, and Bush looks to be in trouble. But the Republicans could still pull out some secret weapons in the next round.... Will the masked champion retain his title? This could be the match of the season....

How is Rove going to spin all the bad news that even the lapdog press is reporting these days? Simple. Watch. "Hey, everything we've been doing over the past 4 years is a big mess, and we're STILL in a dead heat with the other side." See how that works.

Bush's Two Albatrosses
The first gamble was the decision to attack Iraq; the second, to avoid paying for the war. The rationale for the first decision was to remove the threat of a hostile dictator armed with weapons of mass destruction. The weapons were never found. The rationale for the second decision -- the determination to keep cutting taxes in the face of far higher spending for Iraq and the war on terrorism -- was to stimulate the American economy and end the drought of jobs. The deficits have accumulated, but the jobs have still not come back.

If Bush can win reelection despite the failure of his two most consequential -- and truly radical -- decisions, he will truly be a political miracle man. But as his own nominating convention approaches, the odds are against him.
George W. Bush is the worst president in the history of the United States.