Move Over Al-Qaeda, Here Come The Environmentalists!

Today on the San Francisco Chronicle website you'll find the following tease:
FBI Eco-Terrorism Warning
SF and nine other U.S. cities
alerted of possible protests
and violence by radical
environmental group.
Read the story and you'll find that using the term "eco-terrorism" seems excessive, if not completely irresponsible. Look at this website and you'll find that there is no reason to believe that today's protests will be violent.
This day will mean many things to many people - we say do what fits your local situation and your desires. Some ideas are film screenings, protests at SUV dealerships, wheat-pasting campaigns, letter writing and outreach, music shows and direct actions. The important thing is that you ask yourself: will this action help Jeff's situation? Remember that what we do on the outside has an impact on his life on the inside-sometimes its positive and sometimes negative. Consider this crucial bit of information when planning your event.
Let's stop casually labelling everyone we disagree with to be a "terrorist." Let's try to maintain our sanity and composure during these troubled times. No doubt, there are real enemies out there who want to destroy the American way of life, but it's not environmental activists, nor was it Iraq. Let's stay focused on our real enemies, and try not to create new ones.