Kerry a Caged Hamster?!

Props to Air America Radio's Marty Kaplan for catching this one. In the opening sentence of her Sunday piece, "Behind the Scenes, a Restless and Relentless Kerry," Jodi Wilgoren refers to John Kerry as a hamster.
Like a caged hamster, Senator John Kerry is restless on the road. He pokes at the perimeter of the campaign bubble that envelops him, constantly trying to break out for a walk around the block, a restaurant dinner, the latest movie.
A caged hamster? Of all the metaphors Wilgoren could have used -- caged tiger for instance -- this seems like the weakest, and most pejorative. What comes to mind when you think of a hamster? A rat, but with a lot of hair.

I'm glad that the New York Times leads our liberal media. Who needs enemies when you have friends like these?