Wag the Turkey, or Turkeygate?
Business as Usual with Bush&Co.

Guess what? The Bush Administration has been lying to us, again! Yeah, I know it's pretty trivial that they staged a top-secret Thanksgiving Day stunt just to keep Hillary Clinton out of the news, who was at the same time making a trip to Afghanistan and Iraq. (Hillary, who was in Austin on Friday, said, "This administration is in danger of being the first in American history to leave our nation worse off than when they found it.")

The White House lied to the press, and they took the bait without checking the facts, believing the silly story that Air Force One was spotted by a British Airways pilot, who called out, "Was that Air Force One?" to which the US pilot said, "Gulfstream Five," to which the Brit replied, "Ah." It simply didn't happen.

Now we also find out that the turkey spread, which Bush was shown displaying to the troops, was just a prop. Newsweek is calling the story "Wag the Turkey."

I like to say that not a day goes by that a new lie doesn't come out of the Bush White House. Well, I don't particulary enjoy saying it, but it bears repeating.