Bush Pardons Turkeys; Sheds Crocodile Tear

You gotta hand it to Bush & Co. First the President pardoned two, not one, turkeys for Thanksgiving - Stars and Stripes. Interesting choice of names. And then the President shows up unannounced at Baghdad Airport to say a few words, serve up some turkey with a side of mashed potatos and propaganda salad, then meet with Paul Bremer and Condi Rice.
Bush strode forth from the wings in an Army track suit emblazoned with a 1st Armored Division patch. The bored crowd shot immediately from their seats and whooped. As he surveyed the crowd, a tear dripped down the president's cheek.

"I was just looking for a warm meal somewhere," Bush said, to another whoop. "Thanks for inviting me to dinner."

And to think, I was content to just spend the day eating and watching football.