Mandatory civics class for all celebrity governors

We can't blame Arnold's ignorance on California's broken schools-- perhaps he knows how Austrian government works.

The howler of the week was Gov.-elect Arnold's call to Gov. Davis not to sign any more bills.

If Davis doesn't sign the bills, they become law anyway.

Hey, how about a sequel to "Kindergarden Cop": The governor-elect of Caifornia attends fourth grade to learn how state government works.

Here are California social studies requirements for the fourth grade:

State Standards
History/Social Science
Grade Level: Fourth

Content Strand: California: A Changing State
Substrand: 4.5
Goal for Substrand:
Students understand the structures, functions, and powers of the local, state, and federal governments as described in the U.S. Constitution.

4.5.1 Discuss what the U.S. Constitution is and why it is important (i.e., a written document that defines the structure and purpose of the U.S. government and describes the shared powers of federal, state, and local governments).

4.5.2 Understand the purpose of the California Constitution, its key principles, and its relationship to the U.S. Constitution.

4.5.3 Describe the similarities (e.g., written documents, rule of law, consent of the governed, three separate branches) and differences (e.g., scope of jurisdiction, limits on government powers, use of the military) among federal, state, and local governments.

4.5.4 Explain the structures and functions of state governments, including the roles and responsibilities of their elected officials.

4.5.5 Describe the components of California’s governance structure (e.g., cities and towns, Indian rancherias and reservations, counties, school districts).

Perhaps we need standardized testing for gubernatorial candidates: before they are eligible for office, they must test at least at fourth grade level.