The Drudge Report has reprinted an email circulating around Hollywood, by famed director/producer Howard "Hawk" Koch, Jr. Koch was executive producer of the 2002 Schwarzenegger film, "Collateral Damage."

"Friends, Please be sure to vote on Tuesday. Please be sure to vote NO on the recall. I know Arnold personally. He is in no way qualified to govern anybody or anything. I spent 6 months with him. He showed ZERO leadership qualities. Even less understanding of budgets. When speaking of women and adultery his line was 'Eating is not Cheating.' He called Latinos –'low foreheaded fans'!!! We must stop him and that means you must do whatever you can to be sure and get to your polling place. Also call or e-mail all your like minded or on the fence friends and get them out there. Thanks Hawk."

Good advice. Call or email your family and friends. I called my elderly, apolitical mother tonight. She didn't plan to vote until she heard Schwarzenegger talking over Huffington in the debate. She's burning mad now, scared of a Gov. Arnold, and is eager to cast a "No" vote on the recall, and a vote for Bustamante just in case.