"Cheap-Labor Conservatives" the new catch-phrase
Right-Wing Ideology in a Nutshell
The ugly truth is that cheap-labor conservatives just don't like working people. They don't like "bottom up" prosperity, and the reason for it is very simple. Lords have a harder time kicking them around. Once you understand this about the cheap-labor conservatives, the real motivation for their policies makes perfect sense. Remember, cheap-labor conservatives believe in social hierarchy and privilege, so the only prosperity they want is limited to them. They want to see absolutely nothing that benefits the guy – or more often the woman – who works for an hourly wage.

Cheap-labor conservatives are defenders of corporate America.

Cheap-labor conservatives don't like social spending or our "safety net", minimum wage, unions, Social Security and Medicare.

Cheap-labor conservatives are hostile to public education. They think it should be privatized. School vouchers are just a backdoor method to "resegregate" the public schools.

Cheap-labor conservatives preach "morality," "virtue," "respect for authority," "hard work" and other "values." so they can blame your unemployment on your own "immorality," lack of "values" and "poor choices."

Take unemployment statistics from http://www.econstats.com/blsnaa3.htm

Add the party affiliation of the President in each year, starting in 1948.

Average the change in employment for the years each party was in the White House.

Answer the question, “Which party has the historically better record in improving employment (reducing unemployment)?”

Average of Change in Unemployment rate
Democrat -2.699
Republican 10.07
Total 4.497