The USA-Saudi Connection

Now you are just beginning to see the light of truth emerge as we observe what is going on now in Saudi Arabia... It becomes much easier as time goes on to see the connection between the bombings (twice) of the World Trade Center - you might call it the Saudi Arabia-USA Trade Center reflecting more accurately the buildings' beginnings. Few have noted that the World Trade Center buildings were designed by Minoru Yamasaki, the same architect who designed most of the government buildings of that era in Saudi Arabia. The buildings' Islamic arches at the lobby and parapet attest to the tribute to both Allah and Capitalism.

The war al Qaeda started is not aimed primarily at the USA; although we are certainly being used, it is aimed at the Saudi Royal Family, whose oppressive and duplicitous policies are now returning home in the form of ultra-fanatic Wahabiist Terrorism and anti-American rhetoric from all but the highest places of authority. Those same authorities who all along have been hypocritically funding the Ultra-Wahabiists on one hand while buying arms and technology from the USA; kowtowing to USA big-oil interests whose technology is vital to the future flow of cheap oil from the region.

The propaganda and public relations disinformation campaign waged by the Bush Administration and the Saudi Government since 9/11/01 has been successful to the extent that it has obscured the nature of the situation in Saudi Arabia and veiled the Bush Administration's truest intent: to safeguard our long-term interest in Iraqi Oil Reserves and gain a larger military presence in the Persian Gulf.