Rats jumping a s(t)inking ship?

After news Monday of Ari Fleischer's plan to leave his White House post in July, it was reported the same day that Tony Blair's press spokesman is also resigning.

Today the AP, Reuters, the UPI, CNN & Bloomberg report that Christine Todd Whitman has decided to leave as head of the EPA. She cites spending more time with family as her motivation, stating in her resignation letter, "...it is time to return to my home and husband in New Jersey, which I love...." Although Whitman didn't achieve much (if anything) she was probably the best hope the environment had under the current administration as she clashed with the Bush White House over environmental issues. Sierra Club spokesman David Willett told UPI, "We think she did her best at the EPA but the administration wouldn't let her do her job." It will be interesting to see who else bails before the 2004 re-(s)election campaign really gets rolling.