Bush Tax Cut No Relief for Poor

President Bush led off his January 25 radio address with these words:

When I address Congress, I will urge them to pass my plan to strengthen our economy and help more Americans find jobs. The tax relief already planned for later in this decade should be made effective this year, including income tax reduction, marriage penalty relief, and an increase in the child tax credit. When Congress acts, I will direct the Treasury to return this money to taxpayers right away, which will provide immediate help to our economy.

It's no surprise that Senate Democrats passed an amendment to ensure that all families with children would benefit from the child tax cut increase, and it was cut by Republicans at the last minute. Families who earn between $10,500 and $26,625 per year won't see any benefit whatsoever from the credit increase. This leaves an estimated 11.9 million children, or one out every six children under the age of 17, out of luck. Oh well, maybe they'll learn to vote for Republicans next time!

Call to Action

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