Journalists killed by US strikes

The Pentagon claims that three strikes which killed three journalists and wounded many more on Tuesday were done in "self-defense." It sure doesn't look that way, as journalists at two of the sites observed no shooting that would have called for a defensive response, and all three targets were known media locations: the Baghdad office of the Al-Jazeera satellite network, the offices of Abu Dhabi TV, and the Palestine Hotel, "the main base for international journalists covering the war from Baghdad."

Not only is the US in violation of international law by attacking a nation without legal authority, we're now in violation of the Geneva Conventions by knowingly attacking and killing journalists. I guess that's what non-embedded journalists get for trying to report on the war without our approval.

Nominee for worst example of objective reporting

This report from the Associated Press - "Iraqis Cheer Collapse of Saddam's Regime" - is startling for its blatantly unobjective observations:

"Men hugged Americans in full combat gear and women held up babies so soldiers riding on tanks could kiss them."

I saw the scenes for myself - there were maybe 100 Iraqis, and we're not sure how many of them flew in on US military transport with Dr. Chalibi. I saw the half dozen or so men dragging part of Saddam's statue, and at least as many photographers recording the "spontaneous" event. A ring of Marines stood around al-Firdos (Paradise) Square guarding the celebrators, while fighting was going on just a few blocks away. And the Army used an M88 tank recovery vehicle to bring down the statue. Nice irony there.

How many Americans realize that the enemy has already won this war?