Endorsements at a Glance | California and San Francisco Propositions | November 8, 2016 Election

The ballots in California this year are ridiculously, record-setting long and moneyed interests are spending an unprecedented amount of money to influence the outcome of the election.

Most voters, myself included, don't have time to read the 224-page voter guide, let alone all the policy statements which have been written by supporters and opponents of particular propositions.

I believe endorsements offer a sort of election "hack." By reviewing who endorses what, and knowing where your own political sensibilities lie, you can quickly determine how to vote for any given state or local proposition. (Offices are another matter, however.)

With that in mind, I've been putting together endorsements-at-a-glance guides for nearly a decade.

Trust me. You're going to need this.

Click here for a printable, downloadable PDF.