What Democrats Need Now

Forget about the primaries, even though eight states have yet to vote. Hillary Clinton can’t win now anyway, at least not without subterfuge, coercion or fraud. Despite the fact that the numbers – delegates and dollars – are against her, she refuses to give up.

What the Democratic Party really needs now is an audition. They know who their opponent will be in November, so why continue to go after each other? Having Senators Barack Obama and Clinton attack each other for seven more weeks only helps the other party.

Solution: the Senators spend this time making their case to the American people why they should be elected instead of Sen. McCain. That’s what Democratic voters need to know right now.

It looks like Obama is doing just that, criticizing John McCain for flip-flopping on Bush's tax cuts:
"He made a decision to reverse himself on that. That was how, I guess, you got your ticket punched to be the Republican nominee. But he was right then, and he's wrong now."
Here is why Clinton should follow Obama's tack, and it serve two purposes: it bolsters the eventual Democratic nominee by essentially giving double coverage to criticism of McCain. And it will eliminate Democrat-on-Democrat mudslinging, which only helps McCain by hurting the eventual nominee.

If only Hillary Clinton cared as much about the fate of her country and her party as she does about her candidacy...