Dennis Kucinich and Me

A friend invited me to a meeting of the Commonwealth Club on Friday and the guest speaker was Democratic congressman and Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich.

I was impressed by his candor, his background and his positions on the issues. There isn't a more honest candidate running for President, except maybe Ron Paul, and that's just one of the many reasons why Kucinich doesn't stand much chance of being nominated. Still, I'm glad that he's running. (A recording of Kucinich's appearance is available in Real Audio in the Commonwealth Club's archive.)

Kucinich mentioned an online poll, a presidential survey that asks questions about key issues and then matches your responses to those of the candidates. If I found the same survey Kucinich was talking about, I matched with him on 10 of 12 answers. My next nearest match was John Edwards with six.

Would you support the candidate whose positions you align with more closely, or the candidate who you believe is more electable?