A very Merry Christmas from all the George Bushes

Kudos to Debutaunt for passing along this gem.
"From all our family at Christmas
a wish for love and happiness
in a world at peace.
A very Merry Christmas
from all the
George Bushes

Support UNICEF"
It's a rich artifact, and begs several questions, eg:
  • When was this photo taken? From the looks of Dorothy, who was born in 1959, and Marvin, who was born in 1956, I would guess it was taken in 1970.
  • Assuming the card was for Christmas 1970, what "world at peace" could the Bushes be referring to? Even if it was taken a year or two later, while the elder Bush served as US Ambassador to the United Nations, American soldiers were still dying in Vietnam. World at peace? Only according to the twisted logic of denial in the Bush brain.
  • "All the George Bushes?" I count two.
  • Whose idea was it to have the women facing right, Barbara's or the photographer's? Was this supposed to be a sign of fealty or subservience?
  • Did no one notice that George W was smoking a cigarette? Or is that a joint? In a family photo?! Would Barbara have allowed it, if she had known?
  • From the looks of the photo, who could have guessed that the Bush sons would someday go on to, from left to right: help steal an election (Jeb), provide security for the World Trade Center during the attacks of 9/11 (Marvin), lead the country into an illegal war, get himself involved in the S&L swindle (Neil), Asian hookers (Neil) and profiteering in the wake of Hurricane Katrina (Neil)?
Update: the Impeach Bush meme is holding steady in the Googleverse, while picking up steam in the media (689 hits as of today).

I credit John Nichols, author of "The Genius of Impeachment: The Founders' Cure for Royalism," for leading the charge, but the mainstream press is skeptical, to say the least. They shouldn't be. It's the most important story they'll cover. Certainly more important than the last impeachment proceedings.