Why didn't the NFL hire Condi? She wanted the job!

Michael Ventre writes for MSNBC about the NFL's hiring of Roger Goodell to succeed Paul Tagliabue as the new NFL commissioner.
Yes, the league owners really rolled the dice on this cat. Goodell was a “think inside the box inside another box” decision, arrived at after about five minutes of discussion, four of which were probably spent trying to wake up Al Davis. There was more debate before Kim Jong-il replaced his father Kim Il-sung.
Why didn't they hire Condoleeza?! God knows, she openly campaigned for the job on Meet the Press -- shamelessly, I think.

I say, for the common good, NFL owners, please renege on your offer to Goodell and give Condi the job instead. We need to get her out of the government, where she can only do more harm.