Thank God for the (Christian Conservative) Republicans!

Part 11 in a Series

You may recall that Walter Jones was the congressman who had the "House cafeterias replace French fries on the menu with 'freedom fries.' He banished French toast, too. 'A lot of us are very disappointed in the French attitude,' Jones said then."
'It is just amazing to me how we as a Congress were told we had to remove this man (Saddam Hussein), but the reason we were given was not accurate.'

'I went to a Marine’s funeral that left a wife and three children, twins he never saw,' Jones said, his voice cracking as his eyes began to water. 'And I’ll tell you—I apologize, Mr. Chairman, but I am just incensed at this statement.' He continued, 'When you make a decision as a member of Congress and you know that decision is going to lead to the death of American boys and girls, some of us take that pretty seriously, and it’s very heavy on our hearts.'
Back in May we wrote about Jones' change of heart regarding Bush's immoral war in Iraq. For the rest of the story, read "The Three Conversions of Walter B. Jones" in Mother Jones.