Free Speech Alive and Well in San Francisco
"I though about being annoyed for a second, then I thought I can't be annoyed. This is great. I wish it would go on for hours.

This city can be looked down on for being so left-wing, and that's unfortunate. People here just aren't as afraid as they are in the rest of the country."

-- Erin Thomas, firefighter, commenting on yesterday's anti-war march in San Francisco commemorating the two year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq

* * *

"I'm here to support the war. I think we need to show there's another viewpoint in San Francisco other than the liberal ideology that has a stranglehold on the area."

-- Lucia Vandenhof, San Francisco State student, who carried a sign that read "Liberals need to stop bitching! Get a life!!"
Hey Lucia, what is your major? I hope it's not political science or journalism. You see, that "bitching" you refer to is people exercising their constitutional right to free speech.