Call it a pre-emptive strike against democracy
That last election thing was actually kinda close. How can we ensure that things won't get so scary this time? Simple - Fuck things up BEFORE the election so it's easier to dispute AFTER the election.
* "Suppress voter registration" - (check)
* "Prevent high voter turnout" - (check)
* "Intimidate voters who dare to show up" - (check)
* "Confuse the voters who want to vote" - (check)
* "Rig the machines when they finally vote" - (check)
* "Avoid the possibility of a recount" - (check)
* "Prepare to negate absentee ballots as necessary" - (check)
* "Maintain the appearance of a really close race so that when massive voter turnout results in wholesale condemnation of the Worst President in the History of the United State, it can be disputed as questionable and claim the Democrats stole it" - (check)

Yes, Helen, it has come to this
Seven American activist groups asked the United Nations on Monday to provide international observers for next month's presidential election.

Registration suppression

Investigation of voter registration fraud (follow link to video)
Employees of a private voter registration company say they saw evidence of fraud. It could mean that hundreds of people who think they are registered, may not be

Republican challenges to the voting eligibility of hundreds of Dartmouth students caused long delays in voting yesterday and angered students and non-students alike, even causing some to direct their votes away from the GOP.

Ohio Secretary of State Blocks New Voter Registrations

GOP dirty tricks in Ohio

Voter intimidation
The Long Shadow of Jim Crow: Voter Intimidation and Suppression in America Today

Bullies at the Voting Booth

Feds to monitor Utah's 3rd District balloting
Responding to a perceived threat to intimidate voters by a group seeking a crackdown on immigration, the U.S. Justice Department said on Friday it will send attorneys to monitor Tuesday's primary election in Utah's 3rd Congressional

Provisional ballots
Backup Voting System Could Cause Problems

Democrats sue state in provisional ballot

Unions Go to Court to Protect Florida Voting Rights

States struggle with provisional balloting - Will they be the 'hanging chads' of Decision 2004?

Ohio's Provisional Ballots May Pose Election Day Issue

Provisional ballots remain controversial

Officials warned not to defy ballot order

Absentee ballots
Reports of problems with absentee vote applications

Republicans Resign Over Questionable Absentee Ballot Applications

Voting machines
A study by the American Civil Liberties Union after the Democratic gubernatorial primary in 2002 concluded that 8 percent of the votes on Miami-Dade County's touchscreen machines in 31 precincts were lost.

Audit logs of ES&S machines deployed in 11 Florida counties were corrupted by a software flaw caused by low batteries. ES&S and state officials issued a software patch this summer and said the mishap wouldn't affect elections.

Precinct relocation
New locations for some voters

Blackwell backs down on ballot ruling State will accept votes cast in wrong precinct