Conservatives Don't Hate...

Dear Dan K, don't forget the terms "expectation of ENTITLEMENT" and "moral compass."

My neoconservative mentor (whose influence I'll sorely miss while he's deployed to Iraq's Messopotamia for the next six months) used all three phrases in one conversation.

"Elitist" "Liberal" "culture of entitlement" and "how can you govern your family without a moral compass?".

Conservatives don't hate children. We just hate YOUR children.
Conservatives don't hate old people. We just hate YOUR parents.
Conservatives don't hate strangers. We just hate YOUR neighbors.

From "Right Wing Populism in America":
One of the staples of repressive and right-wing populist ideology has been producerism, a doctrine that champions the so-called producers in society against both “unproductive” elites and subordinate groups defined as lazy or immoral. 

…But most people in right-wing populist movements don’t get up in the morning and say to themselves, “I’m going to victimize some oppressed groups today to get more power and privilege.”  What they are more likely to say is, “I want to get my fair share.”  They embrace narratives that portray themselves as victims and that depict the people they target as either more powerful than they are, being given an unfair advantage, or being immoral.  And it was equally true in the 1990s, when right-wing populists demanded an end to “racial discrimination against white people” and “no special rights for homosexuals.”  Such claims are a form of scapegoating in defense of social inequality.
Frat Brothers to the End