The Price of Freedom? or, At the Price of Freedom?

In the ongoing battle to forever close the US Army's School of the Americas (SOA), many have frequently encountered criticism that they are bringing up old points against the existence of the supposedly "reformed" Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC). This has been Kristin Wylie's story, but given the nature of recent findings it has invariably become my fight as well.

It is a fundamental fact that the insidious massacres and atrocities committed in Latin America by graduates of the SOA will never lose salience. However, these atrocities have been accepted or ignored by Americans. We have turned a blind eye to our countries involvement in human rights abuses.

But recent developments have given renewed vigor to our counter-position. HR 1258 is before the House. It calls for the closing of the SOA and a subsequent investigation into the school's misdealings. I contend that we actively prosecute those who have knowingly committed crimes against humanity, both directly and indirectly. The horrible relationship that continues to exist between the WHISC and known henchmen in Latin America must be stopped.

Please read new research findings that further incriminate the SOA. If you want to involve yourself directly in the fight to close the SOA, you can read "ACTION A DAY TO CLOSE THE SOA!", which enumerates steps and timelines for protest, action and resistance.

Ultimately, it's institutions such as this that ensure our dominance around the world. Our fellow countrymen and women wonder why there is a global purging of "things" American. They wonder in stupified bewilderment why "terrorists" are willing to give there lives to rid themselves of US influence. More importantly, and quite disconcerting is the fact that the US government encourages this bewilderment, while it secretly continues to fund the school to the tune of $10 million a year.

Let's eliminate the bones in our closet. It's within our power. Let's sit at the negotiation table with countries from around the world without having to avert our eyes in shame. Let's end this perpetual violence!