Bush Administration: It's OK to fire federal workers for being gay

The Bush administration has reversed a longstanding federal policy of non-discrimination against gay and lesbian federal workers. Newly appointed Special Counsel Scott Bloch has announced that while a federal worker's conduct outside of work is protected, the status of being gay is not. Therefore, supervisors of gay federal employees can fire them for being gay, and gay employees will have no recourse.

The Office of the Special Counsel has removed "sexual orientation discrimination" from federal complaint forms and from materials on workers' rights.

Bloch was appointed by Bush in January, replacing Clinton appointee Elaine Kaplan. Kaplan called Bloch's legal reasoning "absurd."

As if it wasn't clear enough on the marriage issue, the Bush Administration has declared war on the LGBT community. I don't think it's because Bush hates gay people, but rather because he is pandering to his supporters who do. And doesn't that make Bush's actions even more repugnant?