The Ad Censored by CBS

In case you missed this ad, which ran on CNN during the Super Bowl half time show, you can now watch it here.

The "Child's Pay" ad was directed by Charlie Fisher of Denver and was chosen as the best ad among over 1,000 that were submitted in's "Bush In 30 Seconds" ad contest. was able to raise the $1.7 million to run the ad during the Super Bowl in just over a day, but CBS decided not to air it, citing a policy against "controversial" advertising. What about free speech, or has CBS forgotten that the airwaves are publicly owned? How come the "controversial" policy doesn't apply to the White House's ads, e.g. the ad Bush&Co ran last year connecting drugs to funding terrorism, certainly a "controversial" idea by any standard.

Or maybe CBS is just returning a favor to Michael Powell's FCC for allowing greater media consolidation? They spent millions courting the White House to prevent FCC reform.