Bush: "You sure have purdy lips..."

It's amazing how much media coverage is spent on the Democrats' "gaffes," whether it's Dean's Iowa yelp, or Clark's not sufficiently distancing himself from Michael Moore. Meanwhile, our President embarasses us to the world over and over, and the American media rarely notices.

Thankfully, we have the Canadian media for this one: Bush's strange, inappropriate comments to a senior aide of the Canadian Prime Minister. The Canadian media doesn't share the American media's need to ingratiate itself with the Bush Administration.

These URLs best read in order:

The Globe and Mail


The President's own blog

Betty Bowers

This latest Bush weirdness reminds me of the scene in Deliverance where the hillbilly says, "You sure have purdy lips!"

Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill has said that Bush's use of nicknames is a form of bullying. The only sense I can make of this episode (assuming Bush was not hitting on the Canadian official) is that Bush was bullying with his objectifying comments.