Chris Nolan

Occasionally you come across a fellow blogger who just gets it. Everyone knows about the big guys, like Daily Kos and Talking Points Memo, but I was unfamiliar with Chris Nolan until tonight. I just found her blog through a Google ad, of all things, but I like what she has to say, and how she says it.

Take, for example, her scoop on Warren Buffet’s further comments on California’s Prop 13 in the context of the Schwarzenegger campaign:
the reporter with whom [Warren Buffet] spoke neglected to include a discussion of a third Buffet property in the story he wrote. ... The mishandling gave the charitable souls on the Journal's edit page a chance to vent their spleens about tax and spend billionaires. That wasn't good for the Schwarzenegger campaign and it embarrassed Buffett.

The third property, a house on which Buffet pays about $12,000 a year in property taxes, provide a better example of the inequities within the state's tax system, Buffet tells the Journal. And that -- not the difference between Omaha and Laguna Beach -- is the point.

Buffett maintains -- and he's right -- that this is the state's biggest problem. You can -- and you should -- go to Berkshire Hathaway's website to check out all the fine points.

This bit of wisdom illustrates one of the points I like to make about the blogosphere. As individuals, we can’t possibly stay current on everything that is going on in our world, but as a community we can increase our collective awareness by raising red flags for significant items such as this. I'm sure that I'll be checking in with Chris Nolan on a regular basis.