Thoughts On Levi's Leaving ...

This is terrorism too. If these businesses want to relocate overseas then fine, it's Aloha on the steel guitar, but they should be prohibited from selling the product of their traitorous betrayal to the American people. I believe in Economic Patriotism; loyalty to America, not international capital. Without Economic Patriotism there is no America; no unifying force of ideals and mutual loyalty based on national kinship. Loyalty to capital formation at the expense of our country's culture and cohesiveness has successfully (and sneakily) been asserted as the definition of Patriotism.

My feeling is that a more appropriate definition for the cult of international capital is Parasitism. This will, if allowed to continue, brutally hurt our country and its citizens. It is NOT Patriotic, though it serves the private money interests of various individuals to make believe that it is. It is a cruel and disloyal deception that undermines whatever is left of a unique American culture and a specific American identity. It is treason. These businesses should not be allowed to sell their products in America after having abetted the destruction of the livelihood of American families.

I ask my fellow citizens who posture as bold advocates of Family Values to go a centimeter beyond your transparently facile sloganeering and in the interest of your avowed Patriotism consider the effect of the wholesale evacuation of american businesses from The Homeland to the benevolent precincts of Saipan Island and other points East.

  • What does the termination of a man's livelihood do to his family?
  • How does losing a job for no fault of your own play out in the hearth and home?
  • What does it do to the relationships within that family?
  • What does it do to the planning re: college etc?
  • What does it do to the health insurance and mortgage obligations?
  • What does it do to the children?

This coarse betrayal of the long term interest of America and the American People by the businesses that prospered on the efforts of these same American people, with the energetic complicity of various national leaders will, I hope, awaken the sleeping giant as once before and bring about a similar victory.

In the end the challenge to the deceivers who support this travesty should go something as follows, "Are you loyal to money or are you loyal to the American people and the American Nation"?!

Those who have been proclaiming their love of America while operating as agents of its relentless economic, cultural, and ultimately nationalistic erosion have been terrorizing our nation family by family, and town by town...inflicting millions of civilian casualties as the life blood of livelihood and economic security has given way to the corrosive impact of a cult of predatory international capital operators who could care a whit about the long term prosperity and national security of America and its people.

To them, if the truth be known, there is no such thing as an American. To them, American citizens are merely economic units, insects of labor, to be used as neccessary, and then discarded like any other fungible commodity. In fact, the specific concept of nationalistic fraternity is threatening to these global manipulators who view emotional links to faith, family, and country as irrational, compared to their self-serving paradigm of the uniquely rational movements of capital and the market.

To them, any consideration of the noxious impact of their disloyal maneuverings is considered heresy to market principles.

It's time these Anti-American scourges were brought to heel by an outraged citizenry who, enlightened and emboldened by a dynamic leadership, and annealed by repeated betrayals from the international capital cult, reasserted the defiant primacy of AMERICAN PRINCIPLES over the market trick that has been inflicted on them lo these past twenty-five years.

And then they should start taking names with respect to "the conservatives" who lied to them while cynically betraying the culture and community and future of the country they pretended to love as a ruse to destroy it.