"There's nothing wrong with me."

--Rush Limbaugh, in July of this year denied that he had any physical limitations affecting his golf game.

He's now using a claim of chronic back pain to try to rationalize his hypocrisy: Rush's frequent statements that drug users should be sent "up the river," while he goes to 30-day rehab in an attempt to dodge a prison term.

Poor Rush. If he doesn't recognize that he's an addict, if he just seeks rehab to stay out of jail, he'll probably relapse, like he did after his last two attempts at recovery.

If Rush stops trying to rationalize his behavior, if he recognizes his commonality with all the other addicts trying to get clean and stay clean, he has a shot at sobriety. And then maybe he'll have some compassion towards the addicts who lack the resources to get better that Rush takes for granted, and some compassion towards the thousands of non-violent drug offenders wasting away in America's prisons.

Or maybe not.