"First they came for the rich...."

Check out White House advisor Grover Norquist's interview on NPR, as described in the New Dem Daily, in which he compares taxing the rich to the Holocaust. Not only is it truly offensive to Holocaust victims, but it's an insane comparison-- and scary coming from someone who has Bush's ear.

A shocked Terry Gross asks, "Excuse me one second. Did you just compare the estate tax with the Holocaust? "

Norquist replies: "No, the morality that says it's okay to do something to a group because they're a small percentage of the population is the morality that says that the Holocaust is okay because they didn't target everybody."

If I understand the analogy correctly, then Norquist should also be comparing cutting taxes on the rich as being as evil as the Holocaust. After all, the rich have been singled out for tax cuts, and now pay a much lower tax rate on capital gains than workers pay on earned income. I guess I still don't understand....